Cosy Autumn Menu


Autumn is in the air. In the tap-tapping of a woodpecker; in the crackle of leaves underfoot; in the snip of pruning secateurs. Trees hang heavy with fruit; hedgerows glisten with berries, all ripe for preserving.

Our kitchens see changes in food. Casseroles slowly braise, baking bread never smelt so good. There is as much to love indoors as there is out.


So this October with my Birthday fast approaching I thought I would indulge in a brisk coastal walk, pamper with a massage, then rock on home for a hearty feast with family and friends.




Baked squash with sage (tastier than pumpkin and just as autumnal).

Cut your butternut squash down the middle then again into fingers.

Rub olive oil, Cornish rock salt and pepper over with a nob of butter then sprinkle over the sage.

Roast for one hour.


Serve with beef and herby dumpling stew.

A richly flavoured pot of goodness you can be proud of. My guests will need no invitation to mop their bowls with ciabatta bread baked in olive oil.


This feast served in the comfort of the Shack, with the fire cracking and spitting and the sound of the wind hitting the tin roof. Dimmed twinkling lights and the soft sounds of The Gypsy Kings playing in the background. Plump cushions and blankets to snuggle into with the surprise of a hot water-bottle. And the table decorated with pumpkins and squashes, the colours from autumn. Eye popping Linen Napkins. Local wines and ciders to wet the palette.


And to round off this feast, Autumn Pear and Cardamom Frangipane tart with good old clotted cream.


What ever the occasion, here at Lower Barns we try to cater for every need.

So if your looking for that snap, crackle and pop why not treat a lady or party party with family and friends for a long weekend break. Cornwall will aspire you to life’s magic moments