Joy Of The Shed


The short walk to the bottom of the garden can feel like a journey to another realm when the destination is the shed. Close enough to the house to feel safe but far enough away to feel separate, the shed is the perfect place to escape,even if it’s just for half an hour.
Once inside, with the doors thrown open , a kettle boiling and the radio switched on, the shed becomes a den for grown-ups. It’s a place to play and dream, to gather thoughts and to generally potter about. Time in the shed never feels waisted. And, like those childhood dens, it is surrounded by nature- small garden at the very least – where pleasant tasks can be undertaken as birds flit about in nearby branches , the sun streaming through the windows or the rain patters on the tin roof.
Most sheds are the territory of one person but Mike has built the Wed Shed at for others to share and make their dreams come true. Whether you are choosing to get married, renew your vows or honeymoon in the paradise of the Cornish coast with Miles of white powder sand, warm ‘ish’ turquoise waters.
At Lower Barns we have tried to capture the intimacy and magic which we feel a small Wedding would bring from the magical Wed Shed with a few of your favourite people to the open fire and space of the Lounge to party