Cornwall Comfort For Celtic Cousins

With its Celtic language, rugged coastline and wild Atlantic sea, Ireland is a place not too distant from Cornwall in terms of landscape. We were thrilled to receive some guests from Dublin this month, who had found out about our boutique B&B in Cornwall by reading a write up in The Guardian.

As well as being a fantastic place to arrive for a quick decision of an on-trend elopement wedding, Cornwall offers so many things to see and do for those looking for a short break. With the addition of Nook and Cranny this year, Lower Barns has six different suites, offering our blend of luxury and style at different prices. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to see a space in bookings.

Hop on a train or a plane, or in the car, and get down to a little slice of hidden Cornish countryside here at Lower Barns. Just as Pat and Chris did. Leaving the lively streets lining of the Liffey behind, they came to enjoy the Cornish sunshine we’ve been lucky enough to have seen a lot of lately. Lower Barns is set in idyllic meadows, where city life seems like another world, and we could see the stresses just melt off their faces as they arrived.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for Cornwall, and Cornwall for Ireland

Whilst we think parallels can be drawn between Cornwall and its Gallic cousin Ireland, Pat and Chris had arrived from the city, and needed to enjoy the salty air and unfaltering style of Cornwall, and Lower Barns.

You see, Lower Barns is full of surprises, and we love seeing the look on guests’ faces when they first see the bright colours, secret gardens and our lovely owl Woody! Seeing people’s happy faces is always one of the things we have always loved the most about running a guest house, since the days when it was a more traditional B&B.

Cornwall’s Roughtor

We think Lower Barns attracts a certain type of guest. Someone who enjoys the feeling of getting lost, someone who is not yet ready to leave playfulness behind, and someone who appreciates being spoilt in the most beautiful ends of the earth. We just expect you to get here, and then let us do the rest, as you leave your worries behind.

Just like our guests did, coming over from the Emerald Isle, you could be lucky and find some short term availability, and just have a well-deserved, and impromptu break.

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