Walking In A Winter’s Wonderland

Waking up to no guest and perfect winter sky’s I’m up for a coastal adventure. Having wanted to walk this part of the South coast (Pentewan to Porthpean) for years. Mike and I set of all excited (or was that just me?) leaving one car at Porthpean and driving to Pentewan. We left the the harbour of Pentewan and started climbing onto the cliff path immediately we were surrounded by the sound of the sea, view of this untamed coastline which just take your breath away. Fresh, windy winters breeze and no body to worry about as the day was all ours. Which I must say I don’t often get running a guest house. Out at sea a tiny blue fishing boat putting from buoy to buoy, the lone fisherman checking his pots. We both had a spring in our step, which helped with this difficult terrain but we where both up for the challenge ahead of us. Who wouldn’t be with view,moody sky’s which I must say every time you looked up had sheared a different look on the bay. November rains have bought Slip sliding narrow path and bare trees. Winter has seemed to come from nowhere.

You can’t help yourself in Cornwall but to keep stoping and admiring the views. The light today is striking against greens of the sea gently lapping up the cliff face. The air is fresh and clean as we stride out slightly shelters with the densely tight hedges which stop you from plummeting into the sea. With its twists and turns ups and downs you drop down into cliff-hugging woods, trail plunging down into a valley before snaking its way up and out again. Reaching Black Head takes me back to my first experience of learning to fish with my dad and telling my mum we’ll be catching dinner today ! (That’s a blog on its own)
The poet and historian A L Rowse lived here in a grand Manor House edged on the hill over looking Black Head and the seas beyond . (Led A Gernow) Voice of Cornwall. He wrote. ‘This was the land of my content’. How true these words are when you look around you. The cliff top from here onto Porthpean are captured with small coves below, water cascading down from small rivers above. You can often see seals bobbing alone and if your really lucky basking sharks in the bay when planktons hitting our shores. Reaching the end of this wonderful walk I feel invigorated and ready for some hot chocolate and Food. As Charlestown is right next door it’s well worth a stop of at Charlie’s café. Charlestown is an old harbour with tall-ships still residing in the port and of course filming of Poldark which was on our T.V s this year and I here on the grapevine are about to start filming again. ?
Having lived in Cornwall 41 years and reached the ripe old age of 50 you soon realise that within a blink of an eye how life passes you by. I’m determined to make this part of my magical life all about days like these.
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