The wonder of walking in Cornwall


It stills the mind, Rejuvenates the body and helps to connect our inner and outer world. Walking is so much more than from getting from A to B.
On any given weekend people pack up from the city to venture into the country side or take them selfs of to the coast and walk the coast line of this amazing little island.
Cornwall has so much coastline and country side estate to walk for pleaser or if your on a mission to walk the south west coast path. Walking to me is essential part of my day to day running like many folk snowed under with paper work, tourist, factory work and social media I need to clear my mind and find peace with the freshness of the sea air and the warmth of the wind in spring. I love that the evenings are drawing out, the Cornish light will take your breath away this time of year. With its blue sky’s, fluffy white cotton wool clouds and shadows over the emerald waters of the South coast but if you where to venture to the north coast you would see the saffier blues of the Atlantic shadows playing games with your imagination.
I love the freedom of the coast path and wild flowers and scented hedgerows.
Walking the well- trodden paths I often wonder what others before have seen or felt . The ever changing landscape and seasons I find myself changing and wanting more of this freedom of life. It awaken the inner child in me with puts a spring in my step. If I have left Lower Barns with my head full of shall I or shan’t i. I come back more focused and ready to tackle what life has put in front of me.
If your looking to escape and encounter some Cornish coast line and wanting a jewel of boutique B&B  just might be the magic your looking for the year.