The Cornish hedgerow

I know I go on about this a lot but it is only at this time of year, so I invite you to join my wild enthusiasm for the natural, wild abundance of our incredible hedgerows and all the life sustained.

It seems to me that overnight the stems on fox gloves, cow parsley and ox eye daisies have grown a hundred times and there they are, flowers bright and waving, bold and confident.

Whatever way I see this spectacle, if I’m in the car I see the height and movement, if I’m cycling I get the colour and the scent and when I’m walking I see the insects all doing their thing and leading their own busy lives, in micro detail.

Did you know that it’s easy to revive an exhausted and dying bee by giving it a mixture of water and sugar from a teaspoon?

Seeing valerian is a sure way to know that summer has arrived. It always makes me think of being a kid at the beach.

You don’t have to walk far through the lanes surrounded by these tall and beautiful hedgerows before you find a gateway to a field and some amazing views are revealed.

Here is a poem about the beauty of Cornwall, written by the late Kathleen Hawke, who was a Cornish Bard and dialectician. See how you like the Cornish dialect!

lower-barns_st_austell3 lower-barns_st_austell5


Ower Dear Ole County Ow Cornwall

Ower dear ole county ow Cornwall
Es nearly surrounded by say
With the ansumest shades an’ colours
On aw beautiful zummery day.

Theers’ greens an’ blues an’ helios,
You never seed such aw sight
Watch out fur tha yallas, reds an’ golds
When tha sun goes down at night.

We abeen gawt no gate big mountains
‘Cus Brown Willie edn ole that high
But dawn’t ee try ta raich tha top
Onless ‘tez aw cloudless sky

Ower ‘adges in spring are aw joy ta see
With tha celandines golden hue
Theers’s masses an’ masses aw primroses
An’ shy lil’ vilets too

Nex’ comes aw ‘ost ow campions
As purty as can be
Mixed in with bluebells an’ stitchworts
‘Tez aw ‘ansum sight to see.

It needs to be read aloud to be fully appreciated. I love that what we see now that is beautiful is just the same as it was many many years ago and how to wander (and it has to be a wander, not a rush) along it’s so easy to get lost in thought and be transported straight back to childhood by the sites and smells and colours.

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Many thanks for looking.