Sams in St Austell Bay Cornwall

I’m saying “hurray” because those of us that grew up in and around St Austell have such great memories about Carlyon Bay, also known as Crinnis. As teenagers we went to roller discos, had nights out at The Ocean Suite, Bentleys and Gossips. Most of us went to our first gigs at The Cornwall Coliseum at Carlyon Bay. At that time in the 80’s it was the 6th biggest venue in Britain and all the bands we loved like Madness, The Specials and Squeeze all played there. WOMAD was held there too, on the beach. There really was never a dull moment.

The generations before tell their own stories of playing tennis and socialising there. It was always a place to meet friends and make new ones.


We all shared such great times and it’s been painful to see this wonderful building, originally build in the 1920’s, and the beach fall into disrepair over the past 10 years.


How amazing then, that the wonderful Sams, who have already given us Sams at Fowey, Sams on the Beach and Sams in the City, decided to take on part of this vast project and start bringing some food, drink, fun, laughter and light to this disgruntled space.


Using the beach backdrop they have taken up residence with a container converted into a pop up catering kitchen, along the lines of The Hidden Hut.


The ideas have been dreamt up within the Sams team and most of the work carried out by the team too, demonstrating how working together, cooperatively can really bring results.


They have built a decked seating area, which they say will be covered for those rare occasions when the sun doesn’t want to come out and play, with custom-made sails from Mitchell Sails, Fowey. They are also planning live music – just like the good old days!


Over the years Sams food has been followed and copied by new businesses all over. They have a trademark burger, now with a ‘Crinnis twist’, fresh salads, locally caught sea food and as always the most amazing Moules Mariniere. Mouth watering!


We are loving their funky out door bar, where you can wash down a Gin and Tonic Sams style, over looking the amazing St Austell Bay with it’s crystal clear inky blue ocean. Life is a beach in Cornwall!


I have also heard on the grape vine that The Miracle Theatre Company are fancying doing some pop up productions! I could literally burst with excitement to know that this great Bay is coming back to life!


The Red Hand Gang (kids club) have set up camp as well, so if you fancy a quiet hour or two without the kids, you know they will be having an equally good time. Not only will they be entertained but they will learn a thing or two about recycling and taking care of the area we live in.


It’s a big thanks to Sams from all of us locals for bringing back the Cornwall Coliseum, so us oldies can reminisce about days gone by. Loving life! If you are staying with us at Lower Barns we highly recommend a visit.