Piet Boon and his designs

Piet Boon is world famous for his incredibly sophisticated designs. The robust yet elegant classic Piet Boon style combines natural materials with subdued colour palettes for an unrivalled look that is authentic in every way.

His attention to detail and aesthetics can be found in private homes, beach houses, retail stores, resorts, hotels, public spaces, furniture labels and numerous product designs all over the world and now at our Boutique B&B www.lowerbarns.co.uk as the backdrop for Cranny, one of our Hiding Places.

It looks absolutely stunning; unique and eye popping!  Touching is the only way to know what is really is.  Amazing.

Piet Boon says: “For over 25 years we love to use concrete as it is: untreated and pure. Over the years it ages beautifully. It has this sturdy, yet sophisticated look which has become our hallmark. This concrete wallpaper looks as real as the real thing, and creates the same effect without the dust and hassle.”

If you love art, design and interiors you are going to just love this guys magic and collections of wallpaper. I just get so excited, inspired and enthused by people’s amazing talents.

Don’t you just want to come, see and have a feel?  Why not stay over and treat yourself to dinner in The Shack too?  We promise to make it special.  Call us on 01726 844881  |  074141 20020 or email janie@lowerbarns.co.uk for availability. 

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