Particularly festive!!

I think people are particularly festive this year. Everywhere I go I see smiles and hear fond memories of Christmas’s past and plans for festivities with friends and family.


Of course, many of us are still ticking things off lists and remembering forgotten things with sudden panic! But overall I think our wintery Cornwall is full of wondrous welcome. The beaches are quiet but for the dog walkers and hardcore surfers and bodyboarders like my Jake, who is delighted the wind and surf are up and the Atlantic is pounding our coast line!

I’m sitting with Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Olive Magazine and Delia, my old faithful, rummaging through their amazing recipes to delight the palette and fill the air with aromas that you just can’t resist!

I’m loving my tree this year; it’s an absolute corker and I couldn’t be enjoying it more right now with a glass of bubbles, the candles alight and Michael Buble telling me about his dreams for a white christmas. My stage is being set. I’m looking forward to decorating my big round dining table with mix and match china, twinkly glasses and a festive centre piece. The colours and patterns of the paper and ribbon on the presents under the tree just add more excitement!!


Not many more sleeps now!!


Wherever you are in the world, Mike and I send you our love and wish you ‘a merry little christmas time’ xx!