Loving Winter In Cornwall

Is November already over ! Autumns really had us in its grasp, and now we’re on the cusp of winter, Christmas ! Slow down they say, as winter is here but so much to do out side from rubbing down garden furniture to planting next years tulips. Getting your hands not just dirty but filthy. With our mild winters, this is the time of year when juvenile hedgehogs make an appearance in our gardens. We can help them to survive by making our gardens a little more hedgehog friendly by leaving piles of leaf litter and logs around the garden. These make good nests and also provide homes for the slugs and beetles that hedgehogs like to eat. Weather is what defines Winter. The joy of a crisp, bright day, just right for walking among the Autumn/winter colours. Empty beaches with the waves crashing the shore line. Wrapping up warm on cold nights star gazing while the fire pit spits and crackers. On a rainy afternoons, will you hole up on the sofa with home made hot chocolate and read that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Changing your mind on the look of your home ! I love this time of year it brings out the designer head in me as I love for my guest to return to www.lowerbarns.co.uk to find new and old things I’ve managed to source and Mike dare I say Sheds ! Which his always creating! His hit list is endless as where ever evolving here to enhance ones stay and play when our guest return to Cornwall. So what is new for us at Lower Barns 2016 ? The Shack will be having a make over. Touching up those walls with the latest colours that jump out at me. Building a summer house in the paddock. (very excited) so as you can see Mike won’t be coming up for air much! Or will I be browsing the Internet for next years adventures to be planed? If your planing a road trip to indulge in Cornwall’s paradise beaches, spectacular scenery,amazing foods and boutique places to stay. Look no further as we’ve got the recipe at www.lowerbarns.co.uk or if your planing to Elope www.lowerbarnswedding.co.uk