Learning to love January is not so hard In Cornwall

There is comfort in a duvet day, gathering around the breakfast table. Pull on your boots to watch storms, play in the snow ( if you get some) or hide a way with a good book, box of left over chocolates from Christmas and a cup of Hot chocolate in your favourite place in the whole wide world . Well Lower Barns is mine. Even though I love travelling this amazing planet I always love the return journey to my home in Cornwall.
It might be the rainiest month of the year but think back to the last time you got truly soaked. It’s quiet exhilarating when raindrops are literally dropping from your eyelashes and you burst into a song or splash in some puddles. Even on those dreariest of days dig out the old comedy box sets. Still guaranteed to have you belly laughing, the League of Gentleman, French and Saunders to a good old love story The Note Book, Star Is Born.
Beat the blues of this time of year and plan something special. Do something indulgent, plan a boutique holiday with us at www.lowerbarns.co.uk
Book a chilled long lunch over looking the Atlantic Ocean at www.fifteencornwall.co.uk plan a surprise supper or picnic by the fire within your room. These are a few of my favourite things. Hope you guys can come and play this 2015