“Hello Spring!”

I love the sound of the birds chatting. And I love to see my garden take on its fresh new look with daffodils and camellias flowering, snowdrops and crocuses peeping out all over the garden, the grass looking a vibrant green and the sun shining on us. I always feel so lucky that Lower Barns faces South and it raises my motivation to be outside and make the most of every ray of Spring sunshine.

It’s also my favourite time to update and refresh rooms; cleaning out the old and bringing in new bold and inspiring colours, giving me the promise of new beginnings. There is nothing quite like treating the rooms to new furnishings and accessories; choosing what I fancy from Designer Guild to Concrete Wall paper by piet Boon. There is such a great choice with new and old designers, always ready with new ideas.

Mike is being highly creative as ever with the Wed Shed. From popular demand we have branched out this 2015 with elope and small family weddings to be held this spring at  http://www.lowerbarns.co.uk  giving us the clear message that it’s important to follow our own dreams. Gates to make and paths to lay. It never stops.

Nook and Cranny have had great reviews from last season and filling up nicely for 2015  Saunas hotting up in Nook and new fire pits for The Hiding places. Might even be a Gym on the horizon.

The Hideaway has had a great new bathroom makeover with beautiful tiles from Fired Earth. It has it’s own private walled garden with the Gypsy settled in nicely but sorry to say no log burner as Fire regulations are out the window when it comes to one of  my guest using it. Still irresistible to just lie back and let the idyllic setting and sound of nature take its magic.

Lower Barns has come a long way in the last 12 months and we are so pleased with all we have created. I still get so excited at the thought of a new guest coming, or an old guest returning and know that all our preparations will be appreciated . I’m on the look out for new recipes to delight the palette, so I’ve booked onto https://www.philleighway.co.uk/cookery-courses-cornwall

The hope that comes as nature gives us Spring, with its lighter nights and warmer days is unmeasurable. All I can say is “happy days, hope to see you soon