Gypsy love Cornwall

From a child I have always loved the romance of wandering these lands in a gypsy caravan – the freedom of stopping in a layby, a forest or coastline, setting up camp with the fire crackling and the kettle whispering, foraging the land for food and just being content with little.

 It was not to be for me but this would have been the life my gypsy  has seen. If only she could tell us her story of the past 80 Years! – Travelling people gathering round camp fires singing a merry tune, imparting folklore, dancing and telling tales of years gone by.
So my part to the adventure of my gypsy will be quite tame but full of my guests enjoying her setting and sitting inside her imagining their own stories , chilling out in this amazing space.

Let me tell you how we came across her. An advert in the local paper, ‘residing in Cape Cornwall – old gypsy van’. Off we trotted and there she was laid up on a farm overlooking the sea. The old gentle man who had loved and lived in her for 20 years was selling the van as he had met a lady but she didn’t want the travelling life. So with a sad heart he was giving her up. The feeling within the van wooed me over, it was love at first sight! Mike bought her back on a transporter and she has sat patiently for 5 years in the paddock waiting for us to bring her back to life. At first I wanted her just for us but as our life is so busy here at Lower Barns I decided she needed some TLC and that I would not be selfish and share her with everyone!

Last October the digger came in and gave the Hideaway room its own private garden and we decided to sit Gypsy and her magical aura within it. We stripped her inside and have created a snug hideaway with eclectic mix of colour and cushions, a fire for those Autumn and Winter nights looming just round the corner. I can imagine the fire spitting and snuggling under a blanket, reading that book I keep meaning to enjoy. Outside I wanted to keep her as original as possible but added a new window and door. Through the years she has been lovingly painted with animals and birds of this wonderful planet she has roamed over.
So if you do need a romantic getaway and are looking for a sizzling fire, hot chocolate and snuggling up space, book the Hideaway – our own Hidden Hut and your very own enchanting gypsy caravan. Maybe you will make up some stories of your own adventures in Cornwall!