Festive Recipe

Celebrity Chef Tom Kerridge definitely got under my skin this Christmas .

Wow every recipe he put before me was amazing from Honey roasted loin of pork, to the perfect roast Turkey stuffing. Though I must say, the saying 2 many cooks spoil the broth is so true as mike decided to prep the Turkey with Gordon Ramsay lemon,parsley and garlic recipe. Sorry a no go for my table.
For me the pièce de résistance has to be Tom Kerridge’s spiced orange with plum sauce. Well for my 9 guest on Christmas Day I had really pumped up this pudding. Having  never tried it before I’d got their expectations so high and the result was superb. In fact I think I’m going to dish this pudding up for my New Year’s guest.

I just stumbled across this chef on my iPod looking for festive flavours to waken those taste buds. Well he definitely delivers. Watch Lower Barns Menu for 2015 , me thinks I’ve found a new recipe book …