Charlestown and the Regatta

Here is the link to Charlestown Regatta.

It’s too good to miss.  It starts on Saturday 25th July, with a ‘fun’ triathlon at 11.  I’m still not sure why they call it fun….I did it once.  Once is enough.

There are things to do and watch all week.  The raft race is always hilarious, with both a junior race (under 16’s) and a senior race.  The carnival is always the height of fun with loads of clever and creative entries and a party atmosphere in the crowd.  There are educational bits from the Coast Guards, loads of different types of music all week, finishing up with Regatta Rocks in the Playing Fields.  Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

We are so lucky to have Charlestown near by, it’s really quite close to the town but you would never know it.  Since its a World Heritage site it’s traditional harbour and buildings are well protected and what goes on in and around is always just perfect e.g. filming for Poldark (can’t wait for it to start again!).

Stroll around with an ice cream and you can watch people up the rigging of the Tall Ships and see the fishing boats chugging in and out.  There are great places for coffee, lunch, cream teas G&Ts and dinner.  Charlie’s and The Boat House do excellent coffee (very nice cocktail menu too).  The Boat House has a lovely garden.  Sitting outside the Pier House you can look straight out to sea.  It’s a really sheltered gem of a special spot.

There are two beaches at Charlestown, one each side of the harbour.  You can pick up the coast path on either side.   One side goes to Carlyon Bay, passing in front of the Carlyon Bay Hotel, which is a recommended stop off.  Walking the other way takes you to Duporth beach and then Porthpean.   It’s a short and easy walk in either direction.

I always laugh about a story a friend tells – when she was about 7 or 8 she was having a day on the beach with a big group of friends and their mums and while they were all having fun doing their thing, someone had noticed that a man in his boat had been lying back with a newspaper over his head, not moving an inch for several hours and called the coast guard.  Next thing the helicopter was landing on the beach.  The mums were all pretty panicky, since the day had gone from being laid back bliss to complete chaos in a nano second with the noise of the helicopter and more than anything the wind from the blades hurling everything around the beach.  The mums were wrestling the kids under cover of towels and blankets, while the kids were continually struggling to pop their heads up and catch some of the action – just hilarious to see sandwiches, ice creams and underwear flying around with buckets and spades.  Quite embarrassing for some once it was all over.  Luckily the guy in the boat was just snoozing.

Charlestown – 10 minutes from Lower Barns, easy to find, park and full of entertainment.  Please don’t miss Regatta week!

Give me a call if you want to know more or make a booking 01726 844881.

Janie x

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