Autumn romancing in Cornwall

Autumn Romancing in Cornwall

If there is ever such a thing as a ‘prime time’ in Cornwall – we are, indeed, just about to enter it!

The hot, sticky summer is now on it’s way out and autumn is just around the corner.


What does September bring? The sun shines, the beaches become quiet and the sea is as warm as it gets. A stunning explosion of autumn colours appear everywhere. The harvests are gathered from the land. At our neighbouring vineyard Bosue, the grapes are being picked from the amazing summer we have been indulging in. Chefs start working on new and fantastic mouth watering recipes to awaken our palettes on these crisp mornings and evenings. We begin again the tradition of gathering logs for the snap, crackle and pop of the fire burning in the evening while enjoying a glass of mulled cider or hot chocolate.


At Lower Barns we’ve got shed loads of all this for you to dive into, with love and relish. This gem of a place is all-out-romance with cool style and designer furnishings. We have marsh mallow beds to be lost in forever!


Dip into our spa treats to give your body and skin an all over massage with JK’s magic hands, wash away those dull aches and pains with a foot fetish. Choose treatments to make you feel chilled or so invigorated you want to kayak our amazing coastline. Feel uplifted from life’s daily chores, ‘feel free’ and enjoy the space to star gaze at the inky velvet sky. Hot Tub your days away. Sit back in a deck chair and listen to nature.