Treat yourself to a Lower Barns style treatment

Mike and I found the benefit of having a treatment to help our bodies and minds long ago, it’s something we feel is always worth investment to gain extra energy and clarity, let alone soothing the aches that can come from the things we love like building, decorating, cleaning and cooking. 

It’s amazing how different my thinking is after an Indian Head Massage or the stretch of a Thai Yoga Massage, when I’m too tired for the real thing.

So over all the years of testing colours, textiles, accessories and ingredients, we have also been testing treatments.  We have a full menu of treatments, with a variety to help you chill out and relax when you come to stay.  We have also found that guests are most happy when they have their treatment in their beautiful, luxury and private room, so that afterwards they can stay put in their own space, to be able to take their time about when to get up or what to do next, or maybe do nothing at all.

Treatments need to be booked 48 hours in advance, so if you are thinking about retreating to our beautiful spot in Cornwall for some relaxation and rekindling, make sure you call us first to book just the right treatment to suit you.

Love Janie x

Chill out menu

We offer a range of treatments that will make you so relaxed,  you’ll forget what day it is…..

Pampered Hands – £30

A rose petal soak and gentle massage for your hands. 

Reshaped nails, trimmed cuticles and almond oil treatment.

Tingling Toes – £30

Reverse the effects of the daily grind on your hard working feet with a rose petal soak and invigorating exfoliation with a peppermint salt scrub, followed by a relaxing massage.

Lazy Man’s Yoga: Thai Yoga Massage – £50

Lie there while your body is massaged and manipulated into yoga postures.  Acupressure is used to clear energy blockages, followed by gentle stretching to improve flexibility and work your muscles. 

You will feel more supple and energised afterwards. 

Ideal if you feel still or lacking in exercise.

Sort Your Head Out:  Indian Head Massage – £30

Wave goodbye to headaches and mental tiredness with this gentle treatment which releases tension in the shoulders, neck and head. 

It improves the flow of oxygen to the brain enabling it to work more effectively.  You will feel mellow and clear thinking afterwards. 

Have this if your head’s in a spin.

Foot Fetish – £40

The feet mirror the body, so working the reflex points brings healing and restores balance to the whole body. 

The non-invasive treatment releases blockages and improves energy flow, circulation and elimination. 

A great overall relax.

Shiatsu – £45

Japanese in origin, Shiatsu literally translated means ‘finger pressure’. 

Helps increase energy levels, relieve stress related anxiety and tension, boosts the immune system and has many more benefits. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Massage – £50

Relax and enjoy an invigorating and stimulating full body massage.

Tension Massage – £40

A back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and tension in this vulnerable area.

Facial – £40

Adapted to suit every skin type, this facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a customised exfoliation, relaxing neck and shoulder massage using hot and cold stones, treatment mask applied, finished with a tone and moisturise.

Please note :

Please book treatments at least 48 hours beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Please arrive 5 minutes before all treatments and inform the therapist of any medical conditions, pregnancy or medication you are taking.

Some medical conditions or skin complaints will prevent certain treatments, if in doubt please discuss at the time of booking and note that all treatments are at the clients own risk.

Please pay your therapist with cash or cheque – thank you.